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Welcome to Malden Manor Primary School

Welcome to Malden Manor, where our aim is to provide an educational experience of the highest quality for all the children in our care. By creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment, we seek to capture pupils’ interest, extend their knowledge and raise their aspirations. Our teaching and learning is designed to bring learning to life, both in the classroom and through a variety of inspiring experiences in the wider community. In line with our objective of being the best we can be, we encourage children to take an active role in their education, developing the skills they need for independent learning. Parental involvement is vital for children to achieve their best so it is encouraged at every stage of learning.

Malden Manor is a vibrant and welcoming community in which we strive for the highest standards of attainment – whether academic, artistic or sporting. We find and nurture hidden talents, celebrating the strengths of every child.

Our expectations in terms of both learning and behaviour are high and the children respond with delightful enthusiasm, politeness and consideration for others. Our broad curriculum and rich programme of extra-curricular activities – including the popular breakfast and after-school clubs – provide a well-rounded education, supported by excellent pastoral care. Together with my team of dedicated staff and governors, I invite you to visit the school to see for yourself the fantastic opportunities it offers your child.

Katherine Tremain


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Head's Welcome

Religious Education

Religious Education is required by law to feature as part of the curriculum in school

We follow the Kingston Agreed Syllabus which was drawn up in accordance with the 1988 Education Reform Act (and further confirmed by the Education Acts of 1996 & 1998) The Kingston Agreed Syllabus is draw up by and reviewed periodically by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)

Here at Malden Manor we aim to help our pupils develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices. We aim to help children consider the importance of and influence of beliefs, values and traditions on the lives of individuals, communities, societies and cultures. RE also provides time to develop a positive attitude towards others and respect the rights of others to hold different beliefs from their own including those of no faith. RE also provides important opportunities to enhance the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of every child and to contribute to their search for meaning and understanding. In addition to this it encourages children to develop the ability to form reasoned opinions leading to informed judgements about religious and moral issues.

Our current plan of RE throughout KS1 and KS2 looks like this, please click on the image to enlarge.

Collective Worship (Assemblies)

Currently the Law states that schools must provide daily collective worship for all pupils and provide for their spiritual, moral and cultural development. It also states that the majority of acts should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian Character, reflecting the broad traditions of Christian belief’.

Here at Malden Manor we recognise diversity and seek to develop pupils’ knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity as well as other religions, and as with RE, develop positive attitudes and respect towards others of different beliefs and faith. We also aim for it to be an occasion valued by our school, through which the identity, ethos, aims and values of our school are expressed and celebrated.

As part of our Weekly timetable of Collective Worship we are fortunate to have a group of volunteers from Worcester Park Baptist Church who come in on Wednesdays and share a Bible story with the school in a fun, interactive, engaging 10/15-minute presentation. Our group are now well known to the children in school who know that they come from a local church and belong to the Christian faith. They, and we, regularly remind the children that the stories are from a Christian Bible and are part of Christian beliefs, and the team are very mindful and sensitive to the fact that we have a very diverse school with children of different faiths or of no faith. At the end of their presentation a thought is offered for children to ponder or wonder about and then a prayer is also shared. Children are given the choice to make it a prayer for themselves or not, depending on their own beliefs and values. These prayers are non-denominational and are mainly focused on contemplating moral or social choices, or asking them to consider their own values and beliefs. Many of our children here choose to participate in the prayer and there are some who do not.

An overview of our Collective acts of worship:


Collective Acts of Worship Lead by Mrs Roberson. A reflection on our school values and aims. A look at our own responsibilities as part of different groups such as families and our community. A chance to reflect on local, national or global events.


Hymn Practice Hymn and singing practice where children learn a range of songs both including some with Christian values, some from other cultures and those with other themes that focus on social values or aims. Ending with a time for reflection


Open the Book Bible Stories from the ‘The Lion Storyteller Bible’ Written by Bob Hartman presented in an fun, interactive way with opportunities for the children to participate should they wish to.


Learning Assembly A chance for children to share their knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and qualities in their learning.


Achievement Assembly A celebration of children’s achievements and hard work and valuing them as an inspiration to others. Time to reflect on our school values.




Religious Education Overview