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Welcome to Malden Manor Primary School

Welcome to Malden Manor, where our aim is to provide an educational experience of the highest quality for all the children in our care. By creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment, we seek to capture pupils’ interest, extend their knowledge and raise their aspirations. Our teaching and learning is designed to bring learning to life, both in the classroom and through a variety of inspiring experiences in the wider community. In line with our objective of being the best we can be, we encourage children to take an active role in their education, developing the skills they need for independent learning. Parental involvement is vital for children to achieve their best so it is encouraged at every stage of learning.

Malden Manor is a vibrant and welcoming community in which we strive for the highest standards of attainment – whether academic, artistic or sporting. We find and nurture hidden talents, celebrating the strengths of every child.

Our expectations in terms of both learning and behaviour are high and the children respond with delightful enthusiasm, politeness and consideration for others. Our broad curriculum and rich programme of extra-curricular activities – including the popular breakfast and after-school clubs – provide a well-rounded education, supported by excellent pastoral care. Together with my team of dedicated staff and governors, I invite you to visit the school to see for yourself the fantastic opportunities it offers your child.

Katherine Tremain


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Head's Welcome

Finance and Premises Committee

To monitor progress on any key issues in the School Development Plan, Governors Development Plan and Risk Register which fall within the committee’s remit.

Financial Areas

  1. To determine and review financial policy including consideration of long term planning and resourcing.
  2. In consultation with the Headteacher, to draft/recommend the annual budget spending plan to FGB, ensuring it is consistent with and supports the School Development Plan priorities.
  3. To act as advisers and consultants to the governing body on financial issues.
  4. To be familiar with the Local Authority budget spending plans, formula funding structure and policies for financial delegation.
  5. To monitor the school budget expenditure (including specific purpose grants) with reference to criteria for receipt of the grant and the annual spending plan. To make reports at least once a term to the governing body.
  6. To ensure that the school has the required Finance and GDPR related Policies and procedures in place and that these are communicated to all relevant staff.
  7. To authorise virements from one area of budget spending to another in order to respond to unexpected expenditure needs up to an agreed limit approved by the governing body.
  8. To agree the level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day-to-day financial management of the school
  9. To review the school’s charging and remission policy on an annual basis and make recommendations to the governing body.
  10. To monitor school fund expenditure and ensure the audit of school funds for presentation to the governing body
  11. To receive and, where appropriate respond to periodic audit reports. To agree a detailed action plan with evidence of regular monitoring where appropriate.
  12. To ensure that a register of business interests is maintained for all Governors, Senior Leadership Team and Finance Staff.
  13. To ensure the schools’ compliance with the DFE Schools Financial Values Standard. To review the documentation as required, agree an action plan and timetable for any remedial action.
  14. To oversee the financial planning of Extended Services at Malden Manor.
  15. To work with the Local Authority in the financial planning and monitoring of the Old Malden Children’s Centre Provision, to make reports at least once a term to the governing body.
  16. To review, monitor and approve the Governors Allowances scheme under delegation.
  17. To review benchmarking data on an annual basis.(SFVS)
  18. To monitor and review the three year budget plan annually.

Premises Areas

Premises, Grounds and Environment

  1. To provide support and guidance for the Headteacher on all matters relating to the school premises and grounds, security, Health and Safety.
  2. Annually to ensure inspection of the premises and grounds and prepare a statement of priorities for maintenance and development linked to the School Development Plan to support delivery of a first class curriculum.
  3. To propose and approve the costs and arrangements for maintenance, repairs and decoration within the budget allocation.
  4. To oversee the preparation of and to monitor premises services contracts (e.g. fuel/water, cleansing, grounds maintenance)
  5. To work in liaison with the Health and Safety Committee to ensure the school premises meet health and safety requirements. To receive termly reports from the Health and Safety Committee
  6. To ensure that governors’ responsibilities are discharged regarding litter under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  7. To review and approve the lettings and charging policy annually as delegated by the GB.
  8. To contribute towards an Accessibility Plan, with review every three years minimum.
  9. To consider how the use of the school premises may contribute to the development of Extended School/Children’s Centre provision.
  10. To ensure the school has an effective Risk Management strategy, including appropriate documented procedures, and regularly monitor and review the schools compliance with those procedures.
  11. To ensure that there is relevant training and guidance for the Site Manager/Caretaker and/or key staff liaising with building contractors.
  12. To consider sustainability in relation to school premises, grounds maintenance and repairs, and when awarding contracts for school improvements and additional facilities.
  13. To ensure that an appropriate inventory is maintained and to approve the disposal of inventory items.
  14. To monitor and review the Emergency Plan annually.

Travel Plan

  1. Monitoring and review of the School Travel Plan

Risk Register

  1. To monitor and review the allocated sections of the Risk Register termly and report back to the FGB.

Membership of Finance and Premises Committee

The Headteacher

The School Business Manager

At least four Governors of Malden Manor Primary School who are not members of staff (three present to form a quorum)

At least one Governor who is a member of staff (Staff Governor or Co-opted)

Frequency of Meetings: A minimum of one meeting per term.


Approved by FGB 5 October 2020