Welcome to Malden Manor Primary School

Welcome to Malden Manor, where our aim is to provide an educational experience of the highest quality for all the children in our care. By creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment, we seek to capture pupils’ interest, extend their knowledge and raise their aspirations. Our teaching and learning is designed to bring learning to life, both in the classroom and through a variety of inspiring experiences in the wider community. In line with our objective of being the best we can be, we encourage children to take an active role in their education, developing the skills they need for independent learning. Parental involvement is vital for children to achieve their best so it is encouraged at every stage of learning.

Malden Manor is a vibrant and welcoming community in which we strive for the highest standards of attainment – whether academic, artistic or sporting. We find and nurture hidden talents, celebrating the strengths of every child.

Our expectations in terms of both learning and behaviour are high and the children respond with delightful enthusiasm, politeness and consideration for others. Our broad curriculum and rich programme of extra-curricular activities – including the popular breakfast and after-school clubs – provide a well-rounded education, supported by excellent pastoral care. Together with my team of dedicated staff and governors, I invite you to visit the school to see for yourself the fantastic opportunities it offers your child.

Katherine Tremain


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Why is homework given?

Homework supports the development of independent learning skills, and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children’s education.

An organised homework programme helps children to gain skills and build resilience, which will benefit them throughout their schooling and as an adult.


Homework at Malden Manor
We have homework tasks that are set out at the start of each half term.

Tasks comprise of various types of activity and we ask that children complete at least ONE activity from each section over the half term.

The activities are often colour coded and divided into sections such as Draw, Write, Visit, Make and Busy Weekend Tasks. There will be tasks based on themed learning as well as on our specific school values.


The homework task is to be completed along with any maths and spellings, which will be sent home weekly.

Usually the maths and spellings will be given out on a Thursday to accommodate children attending Homework Club on a Thursday after school. It should be returned the following Tuesday.

Homework is NOT given for the holidays with the exception of Reception and Year 6 who might, at times, send work for the holidays as specific revision tasks.

If children are not in school when the maths and spellings are given out, the expectation is that the children will still need to complete the work. In Years 5 and 6, the child is responsible for ensuring that they collect the missed homework and complete it.

We expect all children to complete the Homework set each week. In practice, there will of course be times when this does not happen, perhaps because of other family commitments at that time.

However, if a child frequently does not complete homework, the class teacher will discuss the situation with parents. The class teacher may ask the child to complete it during their free time within school.

Unless the objective is to improve handwriting, word processed responses are acceptable.

Photographs of activities carried out at home are also great evidence.

Along with the tasks and the weekly maths and spellings, children should read at home DAILY.

This can be shared reading with a grown up or independent reading as the child’s reading skills improve.

Suggested time allocations:

Guidelines only and not statutory.

  • Nursery 5 minutes sharing a book with a reader daily
  • Reception 10 minutes daily reading and 15 minutes Homework tasks per week
  • Year 1 10 minutes daily reading and 20 minutes Homework tasks per week
  • Year 2 15 minutes daily reading and 30 minutes Homework tasks per week
  • Year 3 15 minutes daily reading and 40 minutes Homework tasks per week
  • Year 4 20 minutes daily reading and 40 minutes Homework tasks per week
  • Year 5 20 minutes daily reading and 60 minutes Homework tasks per week
  • Year 6 20 minutes daily reading and 60 minutes Homework tasks per week

What we’d like our parents to do at home

• Show that you value homework and encourage your children to also see the value in it
• Encourage pride in presentation of all work
• Please don’t worry – you do not need any specialist knowledge. Your child has been taught the skills needed to complete the homework
• Write a note on the homework if your child has tried but has not finished in a reasonable time
• Contact the class teacher via the school office if you have any questions or problems


Please click here for the Home Learning Policy.